North Carolina Appraisal Board Complaints/Matters

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When professional reputations and livelihoods are threatened, sound knowledge and strategy must be used to protect the client’s reputation and ability to continue working.

Responding to a licensing board or commission complaint is NOT the same as answering other seemingly routine business inquiries. It is a formal adversarial proceeding and everything written, spoken, or handed over can be used by the prosecution.

Mel Black has handled hundreds of cases infront of boards and commissions. He knows the process and offers unmatched expertise. Mel is a certified appraiser and licensed broker who was Executive Director of the NC Appraisal Board and an Officer with the NC Real Estate Commission. In those roles, he designed the current appraisal complaint process and gained valuable experience in how the Board and Commission prosecute cases.


While working at the NC Appraisal Board, Mel processed and evaluated applications with character issues. He also designed and implemented the character conference process and led the questioning of applicants. In the private practice of law since 2003, Mel has years of experience representing applicants at character conferences at both the board and commission.

If there is a character or criminal issue in a real estate professional’s background check,the board or commission will closely evaluate it. The matter must be addressed based on the fitness for licensure test established in the statute and administrative rules.

The letter of explanation filed with the application sets the direction for the entire case. It is important to be truthful and strategic.

Put Mel’s experience to work for you.

Reporting Criminal and Other Types of Disciplinary Matters

For pending cases, Mel is available to provide counsel and discuss strategic options. If the case in question has concluded, Mel can file the notice of the character matter and defend the ability of an appraiser or broker to maintain a license.

Disciplinary actions can require a detailed report to the board or commission within a certain deadline.

Out-of-state appraisal or real estate disciplinary action, action against another type of professional license, or criminal matter may jeopardize the ability to continue work as an appraiser or broker.

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